About us

Tupoa hosting technology

About us

Founded in 2019, Tupoa Tech has grown to become one of the largest web hosting providers in the Kenya, serving over 5,000 customers and hosting in excess of 10,000 websites across our network.

Unlike many competitors that have been brought and sold over the years, we have remained privately owned which has allowed us to retain our small business mentality towards customer care. This means we are accountable only to our customers.

As a private company, we have a unique ability to invest aggressively in new and emerging technologies. Many of the hosting solutions we offer today are the direct result of our continued investment and ongoing research and development

Tupoa hosting technology


A new kind of world is emerging where people have more choice over how they work. Balancing work and home, working flexibly, doing what they do best and keeping themselves fresh. We believe this is the future of business. And we’re here to help them get paid easily, however they choose to work.

Tupoa hosting technology


Digital innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

Whether it’s making your existing product more competitive, creating something from the ground up or migrating your business to the Cloud, we will enable you to harness the opportunities and advantages modern technology offers.

But what is a heart without a soul? We believe in long-lasting relationships, built on trust and honesty.

As such, we live by three core values:


Because nurturing growth brings out the best in people and their work.


Because we respect the work and opinions of others.


Because open and transparent communication gets the job done for everyone