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Back To Basics  (BTB) – is a women led organisation that is effecting positive change through Basics. We empower communities, in order to alleviate poverty by DEMISTIFYING SOLUTIONS. It is our belief as an organisation that solutions are not as complicated as they are presented or as they feel.

We also believe that the most vulnerable, the communities must not be seen and must not feel as victims of the challenges they face – therefore we work with them and not for them, we do not see them as beneficiaries or victims, rather, we see them as change agents.

Back To Basics (BTB) advocates  for change through Basics by encouraging communities to own their solutions through focusing on getting the basics right.

Our Vision

Elevating the capacities of communities to alleviate poverty to achieve sustainable economic empowerment.

Our Mission

Improving lives through inspiring positive change.What is Eco Basics Home stay experience Tour?

It is a community-based tourism where visitors are invited to spend time with local residents (often rural, poor and economically marginalised) with the provision of overnight accommodation. The visitors spend a day or days with the host family participating in day- to – day routines in a richly guided experience. Every Experience is different!

The Eco Basics Home stay Experience tour encourages a deeper connection between the host and visitor, while also promoting environmental protection, cultural conservation, social responsibility, and the enhancement of livelihoods. Visitors  get an opportunity of interacting with the communities, learning various aspects of their culture while experiencing social economic and environmental issues endemic to area.

Why Eco Basics Home Stay Experience Tour?

It is a Win-Win Situation which allows the visitors to connect closely with the local people and gain a truly authentic texperience, while ensuring that generated revenue remains with the economically-marginalized community.

It is a rich experience yet inexpensive and ideal for visitors looking for alternative deep connections with our country , Kenya.

It is open to all visitors across gender, age, religious affiliations across the globe.

Benefits highlights  for visitors 

  • Authentic cultural experiences
  • First hand ,life changing experience of the day to day life of the rural poor
  • Contribution to a good cause
  • Deeper connection with the community and place
  • Direct contribution to environment and cultural conservation
  • Learning of diverse cultures
  • Different experience from the mainstream tourism
  • Pocket friendly enriching experience

Benefits highlights for  the Community 

  • Attention and recognition to the local community
  • Promotion of cultural conservation
  • Promotion of alternative to unsustainable forms of income such as poaching and degradation of our natural resources.
  • It encourages pride within the community and protection of community resources
  • Encourages the participation of women
  • Promotes the conservation of our environment
  • Learning of Diverse culture

A good alternative optimal means for conserving natural and cultural resources