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Sustainable Livelihoods & Environmental Stewardship

 Sustainable livelihoods: We take a holistic view of poverty, considering multiple resources beyond income levels and productivity, including environmental sustainability as a consideration of relevance to poverty. This approach to development aids in giving focus to the ways in which people may rely upon multiple income generating sectors at once .


  1. Agro ecology
  2. Permaculture
  3. Livelihoods improvement
  4. Edible gardens in schools and institutions
  5. Integrated Conservation and Economic empowerment programmes

 Environmental Stewardship: A holistic model for transformative, equitable and sustainable use of natural resources.


  1. Greening projects (Schools, Institutions etc)
  2. Landscape Restoration
  3. Reforestation
  4. Community managed tree nurseries
  5. Protection and rehabilitation of ecosystems and water catchments etc